Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Looking forward to hiring a roofer? Here we have some tips that will help make your selection process much easier.


Yes, insurance is a must. You need to ensure that your contractor has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance. You should ask to see the certificates. Even better, call the insurance carrier to confirm that they are valid.

Choose local contractor

Hiring a local roof contractor is also a good idea. This means that the company is not just operating locally now but also has an established business and reputation in the community.


Price isn’t everything. We repeat, price isn’t everything. You should never choose a company based on price. Cheap bids drive down the market. Any company with overhead and proper insurance has to establish pricing to cover such costs.

Indeed. You get what you pay for. The fact here is that customers who are sold on price as their sole criteria end up spending more money to fix problems. Many of these problems would have been covered under a workmanship guarantee by a reputable roofing company.

Get job details in writing

Don’t give your money until the work is done. Also, make sure that you are satisfied with the result and that the terms of payment were already discussed prior to the job and adhered to by you and the company.

Ask how long a job will take as well. You should have a clear idea of what size crew that the company has and a completion day.

Communication is important

Did the company return your calls? Did they send the documentation that you asked them to send? Did they follow through? If the answer is “no”, then you should communicate your concerns to the company representative.

If the company still doesn’t respond, walk away. If you aren’t getting what you need on the front end, when they are trying to get your business, imagine what will happen after you have committed the work to them.